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Quick facts

C4 Planning Solutions, LLC.
Company Founded Date
May 2000
State of Company Formation
A Georgia Limited Liability Company

C4 Planning Solutions is a Defense Contractor firm, headquartered in Blythe, Georgia, specializing in facilities management, operational and information security systems and services, and joint force C4ISR planning, design, development, integration and Training software. We currently have offices in Augusta, San Diego and Miami, plus a wide range of international locations. Our personnel are engaged across the country and around the world. Our core focus is problem solving. We develop and deliver comprehensive C4ISR services for our global customers.

Who we are

Who we are

We focus on critical C4I systems and security services that support our military and Government customer, with special emphasis on sustainment activities for the deployed warfighter. This requires a complete understanding of the multi-service tactics, techniques, policies, & procedures (MTTP&P) that govern the operational requirements of our customers. The requirement to serve as subject matter experts for information and intelligence systems components is self-evident. In this capacity, our operational organization mirrors the military planning organization, specifically the J6 staff. Our subject matter experts have more than 300 years of joint C4I systems planning and integration experience for tactical systems and services that provide command and control, intelligence, security and related information transactions. When you select our team you are getting personnel and experience that have planned, employed, and maintained the very systems and services that support our military today. We believe this is important to our customers, saving them time and money by understanding their needs and providing appropriate solutions.

Our Mission

To aggressively support our Department of Defense and military C4I customers within our core focus in a wide range of mission critical areas. We accomplish this by ethical conduct, professional service, and the ability to focus only on what we do, specifically:

  • Design, develop and deliver IT solutions that encompass Enterprise Services and JIE Transformation services, as well as, small scale modular projects for our customers.
  • Develop concepts of operations for deployed force employment
  • Provide facilities management
  • Integrate and provide security systems and procedures
  • Design, develop, and maintain multifaceted network architectures
  • Provide systems integration analysis
  • Develop joint command and control (C2) systems plans
  • Provide information technology facility support
  • Provide on-site tactical support for a deployed joint task force
  • Provide onsite and online joint training

Our mission statement is reviewed on a yearly basis to ensure we are staying focused on our core competencies. We seek and hire to those core areas the best the military and private sector has to offer. Throughout our company's history this has proven to be a formula for success and is proven everyday by customer feedback.

Our awards

  • Georgia Small Business of The Year


  • ISO 9001:2008

    C4 Planning Solutions, LLC. has been an ISO 9001 certified company since 2008


We support our DoD customers by providing mission critical IT Support, Cyber Security/IA/IS support, Training and program support.


Our technical personnel possess a very impressive range of technical and academic skills, coupled with many years of industry best practice experience. Locally or abroad, we have the right people, with the correct skills and all the tools necessary to support out customers.


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