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Knowledgemanagement Knowledge Management

Expanding the capabilities of Knowledge Manage systems such as SharePoint remain a valuable aspect of providing users with proper user interface and user experience, custom metrics, and functionality they require. Development of customer support varies from one to the other; however, a certain aspect of code is used throughout most site collections.

Our IM/KM specialists assist units to enhance SharePoint, capabilities through the use of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and user interface/user experience, to add modern functionality, style, user experiences and custom metrics to provide a rich experience and improve customer satisfaction. These specialists develop custom code to transcend the limitations imposed when hosting web apps on a SharePoint platform. They process local, remote, and external account requests and conduct web form input validation, to guard against missing and incomplete information. We build, manage and maintain robust information solutions associated with respective sites, that can include website collection, account permission and access to information. Finally, we manage and maintain user rosters; organize, store, and present as available, processed informational medium (documents, images, videos, and interactive guides).

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