Research, Development, Test & Evaluation

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C4PS has extensive experience supporting Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) projects and programs. We align our team goals with those of the customer to improve the resilience of capabilities throughout all stages of the system lifecycle from per-production to fielding and sustainment. These processes codified within our validated CMMI process allow for early detection and remediation of systems vulnerabilities which allow for the reduction of mission impact through cost and time effective countermeasures. Deviations outside of established baselines and vulnerabilities are discovered through teamwork and adherence to the tenants of continuous monitoring and risk management. We conduct root cause analysis of system issues, and document findings in approved reporting systems. We implement continuous monitoring and perform multi-level and comprehensive testing by developing and generating manual and automated test scripts to ensure systems are tested and evaluated consistently throughout the testing evolution. Finally, we author training documentation, solution articles, white papers, and instructional videos.

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