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Non-Traditional Training Support

Integrated Multimedia Courseware Instruction

We also offer integrated multimedia courseware instruction (IMCI) modules. These modules are arranged to support the three separate disciplines required of C4 professionals, Planning, Operations, and Management.

Our modules are developed with Macromedia® products to be fully self-contained and platform independent. As a value added proposition for our customers we will develop new, or convert existing, IMCI products into a variety of formats if the customer does not wish to utilize the industry leader Macromedia® products we develop with.

Many of our C4 training segments include custom database driven software applications to facilitate the planning and management processes for our students. This is a powerful value-added component of training that we provide to our customers.

  • C4 Plans provides a wide array of traditional and non-traditional instruction.
  • Maintain a proven track record in providing relevant outcome-based training.
  • Employ a variety of technological solutions to meet the complexities of today’s military.
  • Maintain civilian and military educational experts to meet the needs of the future.

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