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Facilities Management


We provide complex services for the Naval Network Warfare Command’s Cyber Asset Reduction and Security Task Force (CARS TF). This effort supports mission-critical systems in the Navy, requiring support to the following broad set of tasks of Project Management, Configuration and Asset Discovery, System Architect, Application Inclusion and Network Capacity/Availability. This effort also includes certification and accreditation (C&A) of Navy IT applications, systems and networks related to CARS, NMCI, and Legacy/Excepted networks.


We provide enterprise network operations, management and related support to the Commander, Naval Forces Japan (CNFJ) Information Technology Services Centers Far East (ITSC FE) in following locations: Yokosuka, Sasebo, Misawa, Atsugi, and Okinawa, Japan; Korea, Guam, Singapore and Diego Garcia. Our primary task is the support of the Navy’s (ITSC FE), Yokosuka, Japan. We support four primary areas:

  • Network and Systems Management (NASM)
  • Legacy Applications
  • Enterprise Service Desk (ESD)
  • Information Assurance Services (IA)

This includes 24x7 network operations support, maintenance coverage, IA standards and policy, security, and network monitoring for intrusions.


We provide deployed and garrison communications, data and video teleconferencing services, systems administration, information assurance, communications security, disaster recovery, site integration, hardware maintenance, desktop support, web/database/application services, and associated IT logistics support to elements of the Special Operations Command Pacific (SOCPAC).


We provides both strategic and tactical level information systems planning, doctrine development, multi-service tactics, techniques, policies and procedures (MSTTP&P) development, systems integration and network design for CECOM SEC. We do this through the use of relational database driven software applications, revision of fielding plans, and review of doctrine/procedures for new system acquisitions and upgrades. Day-to-day tasks include; command and control systems planning, interoperability analysis, joint network operations support, converged services testing, technical overview, validation, and development or revision of evolving and existing joint force Information systems doctrine.