C4 Planning Solutions, LLC

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Strategic & Tactical Planning

Planning Support

System level planning is integrated into every solution we provide to our customers, as we engineer a network solution for a customer we also provide comprehensive planning guidance to incorporate new systems into our legacy networks or planning assistance to ensure older systems are utilized for maximum effectiveness.

Our approach to planning is unique; we have divided the complex planning cycle employed by our military customers into a manageable process. To this end, we have developed a decision support system for the high level planning process and a detailed planning decision support system that automates this critical process.

Operations & Exercise Support

We provide comprehensive planning, doctrine development, operational and communications security plans, emergency action plans, systems activation, monitoring, and management support for our customers. Our organizational structure supports deployment of systems plans and engineering experts to augment our customers. We frequently provide plan development and joint communications control center support for joint force operations We have C4 Plans employees in Iraq and the Pacific Rim region providing direct support to military forces executing Operation Enduring Freedom.