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Training Support

Our curriculum developers and instructors are trained and certified in the comprehensive System Approach to Training methodology with special emphasis in adult learning theories. In addition, they possess years of joint C4 training experience both as active duty military and civilian employees. We have a previous Chief Instructor and course manager of the Joint Task Force Systems Course on staff, as well as MILSATCOM, Data Communications, Circuit Switch, Communications Control, and Video Services instructors.

We provide custom C4 training that addresses C4 plan development, systems installation, activation, maintenance and deactivation processes. Our training support activities include on-site delivery for our customers, with training products tailored to meet the specific training needs of the customer.

Our training mission is to determine instructional needs and priorities, develop effective and efficient solutions to achieving those needs, implement these solutions in a competent manner, and assess the degree to which the outcomes of the system meet the specified need. This ensures that we not only create the most effective training, but we do it in a manner that is time and cost efficient.

Our multifaceted approach starts in the classroom with a combination of audio/visual presentations and demonstrations, then transitions to job-related practical application. We consistently utilize a high percentage of performance-based, criterion reference instruction that promotes student transfer of learning from the instructional setting to the job, which is critical in establishing successful job performance.